Welcome to the Big XII Warzone

Welcome to the Big12WarZone. Here you will find only the best fans from the best conference in the nation.

This site is dedicated to the real sportsmen and women who look for a place to let it all hang loose. You might find the demeanor rough and insulting. You may be called names and your school will likely get dragged through the mud.

If you are a fan from some other conference, whatever it may be, you will find that you won't last long in the smack talk. We welcome the challenge, but you had better bring your A game.

Of course, if you are a fan of the Big 12 and you want to defend the honor of your school, you're more than welcome. This site is completely FREE. However, to forever rid yourself of some demeaning and outrageous title, you are asked to donate. You can do so on the user pages, but you must first register on our message board and choose an identity.

Thanks for stopping by. Go Big XII!